Other Original Art

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Hoop Halo  Cover Illustration for 3rd Grade Angels, Scholastic Books. 14" wide. Oil on illustration board, 2012. $300. Buy this painting.

The Colonel  28" wide. Oil on wood, 2013. $200. Buy this painting.

GI Jack  32" wide. Oil on cupboard door, 1998.  Caption on frame reads, "Lumber Joe and GI Jack — defiers of tradition." $200 Buy this painting.

Alien Parents  From The Goods22" wide. Acrylic on canvas paper, 2011.  $300. Buy this painting.

The Conformist  From The Goods9" wide. Acrylic on canvas paper, 2011. $200Buy this painting.

Jell-O Filled Room  Unpublished art forThe Goods17" wide. Oil on wood, 2011.  $300Buy this painting.

Signs Never Stop Talking  16" wide. Oil on wood, 2007. $300. Buy this painting.

The Unrepentant Ponderator 28" wide, with a 33" frame. Oil on wood, 1999. $700Buy this painting.

Battlefield Museum  22" wide. Oil on wood, set into an iron frame, 2002. Caption on frame reads, "Mr. Stanton watched the miniature reenactment of the Battle of Yorktown with detached amusement."  $300. Buy this painting.

Goldilocks  Illustration for a Verizon outdoor board. 27" wide. Oil on illustration board, 2000. $200. Buy this painting.

Prize in the Box  30" wide, framed in an antique  window, 1998. Caption on frame reads, "Until the 'Inappropriate Prize in the Box' lawsuits of the late 1960's, the Fillmore Cereal Company was out-selling both Post and Kelloggs."  $400. Buy this painting.

God's Wrath 38" wide, painted on a wood panel frame. Caption on frame reads, "Mr. Kensington didn't know who was pelting him with various items, and he didn't much care." Oil on wood, 2005. $500. Buy this painting.

Employees Must Wash hands  46" wide with a 53" frame. Caption on frame reads, "Rules be hanged", muttered Mr. Wilson. "In another minute I'll just wash them myself." Oil on canvas, 2002. $600Buy this painting.

Artworks copyright © by Matthew Myers. Purchased art may not be used for reproduction.